As Black History Month unfolds, we at Total Occupational Medicine take immense pride in celebrating the achievements and contributions of African Americans in various fields. This month, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on our esteemed Medical Director of Occupational Health, Dr. Munir Khalid-Abasi, whose inspiring journey and remarkable dedication to medicine have left an indelible mark on our facility and the community at large.

Recently, Dr. Munir Khalid-Abasi was featured on Premier Health‘s YouTube channel, where he shared insights on:

  • Why he became a physician.
  • How his African American heritage influenced his decision to pursue a career in medicine.
  • His connection to the first black hospital in Dallas.    
  • The common thread between urgent care and occupational health.

At Total Occupational Medicine, we remain committed to fostering inclusivity, equity, and excellence in healthcare, embodying the principles of diversity and cultural competence in all facets of our practice. Together, let us continue to champion diversity, celebrate heritage, and cultivate a brighter, more inclusive future for generations to come.